Please note, over time, regular foot traffic will flatten the pile surface in the main walkways, causing areas of differential wear. These areas will appear lighter or shaded in comparison to the less frequently used parts. This shading/ tracking or flattening happens to all carpets with a pile surface and as such is not accepted by the manufacturers as the basis of a complaint. Most textiles will fade gradually over time due to natural light. To reduce fading in rooms with strong exposure to the sun, judicious use of blinds or curtains is recommended. Pilling can sometimes occur on loop pile and wool blend carpets, similar to a wool jumper, they can be easily and carefully removed with scissors – the durability of the carpet will not be affected. All carpets made will a spun yarn will shed excess fibre when first installed; this is to be expected and does not mean there is a defect in the carpet. 


The samples shown in store may not be from the same sample production batch as current stock and therefore should be used as a guide and not as an exact match. Equally matching between 4 and 5 metre widths cannot colour match. If you require flooring to match in different rooms please let us know before fitting and we will do our best to order the flooring from the same dye batch.  N.B Carpets fitted in different directions will not appear to colour match.


All electronic and wired devices must be cleared from room/s unless otherwise arranged including televisions which we are unable to un-plug and re-plug in. Please make us aware of any alarm wires or pipes that may be located within the floor. Unfortunately we are not able to un-plum or re-plum any machinery that has water plumbing or gas plumbing, please ensure this has been organised prior to your fitting appointment.

Please make us aware if under floor heating is present in your home prior to fitting so we can provide you with the suitable materials and fitting process. The under floor heating must be turned on while the flooring is acclimatising and turned off during fitting.


The floor preparation service we offer will provide you with a smooth surface suitable for the flooring to be fitted onto. We are not able to correct subfloor issues i.e. holes, loose floorboards, prominent ridges, noises/creaking etc. Fitting new flooring over a creaking floor will not resolve the issues. It is advised to have a carpenter or builder rectify these issues before we are able to proceed with fitting. 

Please be aware when choosing a flooring thicker than your current flooring, your doors may need to be trimmed to allow for the door to clear the flooring. (kick boards may also require trimming if effected.) We do not provide this service ourselves but we can recommend a company to do this for you.


Please ensure all room/s are cleared of all breakable items and furniture prior to fitting unless otherwise arranged. We cannot be held responsible for items left in the room/s.

We are happy to store you carpet in our warehouse until you require it to be fitted for up to 12 months. However, after the 12 months the carpets guarantee will expire. 

After completion of the fitting we will clear all cuttings from site but unfortunately we do not vacuum the flooring.

Occasionally carpets may appear to have ‘lines’ after fitting, this is caused by the poll the carpet is stored with,  poll pressure marks  will disperse in 2-4 weeks as the carpet relaxes.

To confirm your order we take 50% deposit which is non-refundable. We require the remaining balance 24 hours after completion.

Cancellation of fitting 24 hours before your appointment may incur a cancellation charge, please let us know with plenty of notice if you cannot be available for your appointment. 

If you have any concerns or question about our terms and conditions please do not hesitate to contact us, thank you for supporting a family run small business.